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EDIBLE MEMPHIS: Our Soi - Your Street

EDIBLE MEMPHIS: Our Soi-Your Street

It’s time for school again, and the buses are making their rounds. Kids dread the sight of them, but there is one that everyone likes to see—Soi Number 9. This bright orange converted school bus is a food truck that specializes in authentic Thai food.

Chef and owner Tim Vimonnimit grew up in southern Thailand and started cooking with his mother at the age of six. A classically trained Thai chef, Tim has worked in the restaurant business for over 40 years both here in Memphis and along the coast in southern Thailand.

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StyleBlueprint: 16 Memphis Food Trucks to Try This Summer

16 Memphis Food Trucks to Try This Summer

Jennifer Chandler

No question about it, Memphis has one awesome — and tasty — food truck scene! Dozens of food trucks are now rolling through the streets of the Bluff City at events, in parks, on street corners and at office complexes. No matter what kind of cuisine you are craving, you can find it on a food truck somewhere in town.

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